A Tribute to Iced Tea

Today, June 10, is National Iced Tea Day!  I decided to substitute my afternoon coffee with something a little sweeter.

Here you see me and my co-worker, Laura, enjoying a couple of cool treats outside of the Library of Congress.  The sun was beating down on us pretty heavily, so we retreated back to the A/C shortly after the celebration.


…is my Iced Tazo Black Tea (venti of course) from Starbucks.  Yes, you can still get venti-sized-things for under $3.  I found that to be just as sweet as the extra sugar that I requested for my tea.

…is Laura’s Mocha Frappuccino.  While she didn’t join me in my celebration of iced tea directly, she was there for the moral support.


…is another round of Jazz in the Smithsonian Sculpture Gardens.  While there is a 75% chance of rain this evening, we’re still going to go for it! 


National Iced Tea Day |  I found a few articles on National Iced Tea Day.  Click here, here, and here for more information about the day, and to check out some great iced tea recipes.

Also, if you’re near a Noodles & Co. it looks like you can stop in for a free iced tea today! 

Library of Congress | The Library of Congress is the research arm of the United States Congress.  If you’ve been to DC, it’s likely that you’ve seen the green dome (topped with a gold torch) along the same skyline as the U.S. Capitol.  It’s located on 1st Street NE, across the street from the Capitol grounds.  There is a Civil War display featured from now until August, and I’m dying to go to it.  Go to their website to learn more.

Starbucks |  There seems to be a Starbucks on every corner around here.  If you’re visiting the Capitol (or you work on the Hill) and you find yourself near Pennsylvania Avenue, the closest Starbucks to you is 237 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.  Just start walking down Penn and you’ll see it on the corner!

How did you celebrate National Iced Tea Day?  Comment on this post and share your story!


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